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BBC sued over Irish film about Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 12.02.04 – In light of the recently reported findings of the BBC’s Programme Complaints Unit [PCU] I attempted to deliver a letter by hand to Mr Fraser Steel, Head of the PCU, yesterday. However unsuccessful in my mission he kindly replied to my message with a letter which I have received this morning that makes, although briefly, good reading for those of us who have been combating the ludicrous political stance of the BBC vis-à-vis Venezuela and also brings a bit of hope in regards to what the future holds for the infamous Irish film-makers of the Revolution will not be televised.

Justice is an incredibly elusive creature, ask Venezuelans…, nonetheless despite the continuous campaigns, awards and presentations that the salaried Bolivarians are making around the world sooner or later the truth will surface. The irrefutable truth is that Hugo Chavez has violated repeatedly the constitution commencing his atrocious and highly toxic political career with a coup in which more than 100 got killed as a consequence of his plotting. His arrival to power provided him with an aura of impeccability unworthy of a convicted criminal. Venezuela represents today for those fetid lepers of the world’s far-left a new light and also an inexhaustible fountain of cash; for the rest of the planet it’s just a sad story where the main character is an armed monkey sitting atop a pile of black gold.

I considered necessary to share this letter with you. Mr Fraser Steel, Head of Programme Complaints Unit of the BBC wrote:

Dear Mr Boyd

I am writing to let you know that a legal complaint has been made against the BBC about this programme and we are therefore unable to continue our investigations into your complaint until any legal issues have been investigated and resolved.

I apologise for this delay in responding to you.

Yours sincerely

Fraser Steel Head of Programme Complaints

It should be borne in mind that the BBC co-produced the Irish film together with ZDF (Germany), RTE (Ireland), Arte (France), NPS/Cobo (The Netherlands). The worldwide damage, due to the constant broadcasting of the ficticious and propagandistic film that has been inflicted upon whatever amount of Venezuelan citizens who oppose Hugo Chavez is immense. We have been wrongly stigmatised and the least thing we can expect is for these so-called honourable, impartial and credible news providers to amend the situation.

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