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Venezuela: Situation report as of April 5, 2004:

By Sol Maria Castro,

· Fatalities: Orlando Bustamante (20), one of the 8 soldiers burnt in a strange incident in a disciplinary cell in Fort Mara, Maracaibo State, on March 30, died early Monday morning. 17 people died nationwide between February 27 and March 5 (15 confirmed names and location, 11 in Caracas [Alberto Aumaidre, (65), Neusi Rodríguez Martínez (28), José Guevara Reyes (45) Bruno Biella (66), Yurmi Suárez (21), William José Alvarez ( 22), Argenis Duarte (54), Pedro Sánchez (47), Dictor Dimas (31), José Luis Ricaurte (39 ), Juan Carlos Urbano Lugo (25 )], and 4 in the countryside (Miranda (José Manuel Vilas (41), Carabobo (Pedro José Sánchez Robles (32), and Zulia (Juan Carlos Zambrano (28) and Eva Carrizo (50) States).

· Tortured: Fourteen cases have been documented victims of torture: “electric shocks, beatings, cold water showers, insecticide spray in mouths, feces and hair eating, rape, burns, humiliations, food and water deprivation, kidnapping, etc.

· Disappeared: There are 7 people listed as disappeared: Omar Arturo Morales (28); Juan José Pérez (27); Juan Ernesto Sánchez (37); Andrés Bastidas Guedes (32); José Luis Rodríguez (33); Eduardo José Miranda (30) and Julio César Gómez (34), “people that right now no one knows where they are in the worst fashion of the gorilla dictatorships of the South Cone.”

· Arrested: 10 people remain incarcerated in Caracas, Johan Romero (22), Chilean Andrés Julia Vera (22), and Miguel Montes in La Planta; Luis Pérez Amoroso, Santiago Monteverde (Vice-president of the Caracas Stock Market) and Pedro Vásquez at the DISIP Headquarters; and Carlos Melo (CD Street Action Coordinator), Mayor Capriles Radonsky’s bodyguards, Baruta police officers Adán Lozano and Jorge López, and Oscar Alejandro Camaño in El Rodeo. 417 people were arrested nationwide between February 27 and March 5.

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