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Venezuela's recall: Jimmy Carter is "concerned".

By Daniel Duquenal

May 31 2004 - In what are probably his more energetic declarations ever since Jimmy Carter got involved in the Venezuelan conundrum, ha came with Gaviria in tow for a quick inspection of the CNE. He announced in a brief, clear and concise statement that he had announced his visit in advance (so how come Carrasquero et al were not there?), that he was CONCERNED (a word whose diplomatic importance was not lost) by the delay in the information that was supposed to REACH THE OAS AND CARTER CENTER (no mention of Zamora, so either he declared that knowing that they were on their way, or it was just a coincidence and the Carter Center and OAS are much better informed than expected). He ended up by saying that he was looking forward to explanations tomorrow morning.

This is very important. The OAS (Gaviria silence was more telling than any word he could say, letting the Nobel prize winner talk, without even taking questions) and the Carter Center have pretty much given the chavista trio in the CNE an ultimatum: we are fed up with all of your tricks.

And right now, as I am about to post this, Rodriguez is already in the air lamely saying that they are more than willing to meet Carter but that "he would like to be warned". What about Zamora requests for a meeting all through the day? And sure enough Rodriguez went on to attack Zamora. And he went on to say that all was running NORMALLY.

And right now he is answering questions and saying that it is absolutely false that Carter had announced, to him he corrected, that he was coming.

And, stupendously, a journalist caught him on a misinformation, that he was not in the CNE! When in fact he was nearby and could have been there to receive Carter. And then he attacked Carter and Zamora some more remarking that Carter voiced Zamora earlier declarations.

So, what is going on? Who is lying? Will Zamora come back to the air waves?

The suspense is killing us. In particular where the heck is Carrasquero...

It seems that the CNE is breaking apart.

PS: a few minutes later. Rodriguez suddenly left the room when a journalist contradicted his words. Flustered and furious. To be caught? Or to have his good name questioned? What is it?

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