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Eva Golinger in VTV

By Daniel Duquenal

22/10/04 - Tonight, in a fit of aimlessness, I pressed my cable remote to watch the state TV, which I had not watched in a long time. I was not disappointed: Eva Golinger was on TV! Readers might remember that I have had a slight encounter with her through this blog. Since then she has made quite a name for herself by divulging the Sumate donations from the NED, donations which have resulted in indictments to Sumate.

Now she has branched in a series of articles in Venezuelanalysis, the pro Chavez English language site. In these articles she is trying to create an "intellectual" framework for the attempt by the Chavez administration to muzzle the media.

Tonight she is collaborating in a perfectly crafted show to expose a certain amount of "notions" based on her "findings". Of course the objective of the whole montage is to convince/educate the chavista masses of the well founded reasons that the Chavez administration has to put into jail Sumate and whatever it needs to put into jail. That whatever already includes Primero Justicia mentioned by Eva early in the show.

Nothing new really. Golinger is just behaving like a Chavez agent in the United States, doing pretty much the same type of "foreign" intervention in Venezuela that she so much reproaches to the National Endowment for Democracy. Political hypocrisy. The sad part is that it is so blatant, so primitive. And even sadder is that some of her points would actually be quite interesting, at least in reference to what was the US role in April 2002. But her desire to sink Sumate, a post April 2002 set up, sink her objectivity.

I was wondering, as I was watching this rather intellectually vacuous show, if Eva was aware of what was going on during the intermissions. Did she noticed that the only adds that were appearing were political adds for some chavista candidate? That the opposition was barred from VTV while Chavez does any cadena or add he pleases on commercial TV? Also, did she think about the money Venezuela is pouring inside the US to foster its cause? Assuming of course that her claims that she is receiving nothing are true (though one would like to know who paid her expenses in all these pro Chavez manifestations she visits). Is Eva bothered by all the public monies spent by the Chavez administration for vote buying? Amounts by the way that I am sure dwarf any money spent by the US to oust Chavez, if she only would bother checking it out.

But of course Eva Golinger is not very interested in balance and equilibrium in Venezuela. Like many of these "fellow travelers", as Gustavo reminds us in his latest article, Eva is probably using Venezuela for her own aims in the United States. Her cause might be anti-Bush, anti Iraq war, anti whatever and she will jump on any horse that will help her fight back. Not to mention any horse that might finance her or her activities or ideally both. Vcrisis has uncovered some of that stuff, at least for some of her "fellow travelers". One thing is certain, after tonight I am totally convinced that she is a Chavez agent. Not that I doubted it before, but tonight show was just too polished, too timely. If she is not paid for it, she richly deserves it.

Now, if she could explain me how I could get some of that NED money to support this blog :-)

PS: live blogging again!

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