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Political assassinations in Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 26.11.04 | Last week the top dog, oh silly me, prosecutor of Venezuela was 'bombed' out of this world, in what constituted the first evident political assassination under Chavez. The neofascist leader wasted no time and sent his thugs after the opposition. This week, two more political assassinations have taken place, this time round by operatives of the regime.

The first victim is an Antonio Lopez, who according to Venezuela's Minister of Interior, was an extremely dubious character trained in Langley. His parents, former COPEI Senator Hayde Castillo (70 years of age) and Antonio Lopez (69 years old) are also part of a 'ring of terrorists'. As such their house was raided by the State police, wearing ski mask, and an arsenal was 'found'. They now face the 'justice'.

Last night, another man was killed by the State repressive apparatus in a hotel room in Barquisimeto, owing to his connection to Anderson's death. After 'gunfire exchange' the man, whose identity remains unknown, was killed. Weapons were also 'found' in this instance.

Once upon a time when Venezuela could not be placed in the map by the resentful pullulating this earth and before Chavez became a fashion icon for the left, there were similar executions by police death squads. DISIP, PTJ and the Metropolitan police had at the time 'special task forces' responsible for eliminating the undesired ones. But Chavez was going to change all that remember? Evidence demonstrates the contrary though, with the aggravant that now the very Minister of Interior actually leads these commando type of operations.

Has Venezuela entered the chapter of "eye for an eye"? Only time will tell, however no one nowhere believes in Chavez' fantasies or persecutory delusions anymore. It all boils down to whether or not black gold could be bartered with mirrors with the new Venezuelan caudillo.

By the way, has anyone seen Silvino Bustillos?

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