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Short stories from Venezuela’s news

By Miguel Octavio

23.12.04 | Banks have stopped lending to farms, peasants, cattlemen, crop growers and anyone that has something to do with agriculture in the State of Cojedes after the “intervention” of 25 farms by a decree by the Governor. I wonder why…

-Former Vice-Minister of Finance Jesus Bermudez pleaded not guilty in his trial in Miami for attempting to circumvent US laws. Separately, the prosecutor’s Office in Venezuela said that they were investigating the origin of the cash Bermudez had on him.

-Former PDVSA Executives have been charged again for their role in the December 2002 strike. Once again some of the executives say they were denied their right to due process and access to their file. They all had been charged before but the Supreme Court found they were denied their right to due process and the charges were not supported. In any other place, the AG would have been fired, but you know, this is a revolution.

-Meanwhile, former Head of the Metropolitan Police Ivan Simonovis will have to remain in jail until January 7th. to “give time to the Prosecutor to present their charges”. Definitely revolutionary Justice, jail first, charge second.

-Meanwhile Police officers Henry Vivas and Lazaro Forero, had their first Court appearance in a Court where apparently the same trick will be applied: They will remain in jail until the Prosecutor can get its case together. They are being tried in Aragua state and not in Caracas. Could it have something to do with the fact that Aragua is the most Chavista state in the country? Coincidence that it is the same state that found the Puente LLaguno shooters innocent?

-Venezuela’s Ambassador to Russia, Carlos Mendoza Potella, will be investigated for corruption by the Chavez Government. Most don’t remember this revolutionary character who had been named to the PDVSA Board that led to Chavez brief departure in April 2002. Mendoza Potella went to the National Assembly to testify and got into an argument with a Deputy or a reporter and pulled out a gun on him. He is now being affected by Chavez’ praying mantiss effect. Such nice people!

Viva la “Revolucion!” (Not a paid announcement by the Chavez Government)

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