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Roy Carson's friends appeal to Venezuela's Information Minister

By Aleksander Boyd

London 17 Jan 05 | A good friend just sent an exchange between a Jutta Schmitt, a Franz Lee, a Cliff Ross (all in a crusade to 'rescue' Vheadline and its 'editor' Roy Carson') and Renata Colmenares who seem to work in Venezuela's Ministry of Information. The reason of the communication is to appeal to the revolutionary will of Minister Andres Izarra, and also request some revolutionary petrodollars, to keep Carson's online rag afloat.

I shall publish the whole exchange when I dispose of more time. Worth noting that yet again the connection of 'editorially independent' anglophone websites and the terrorist regime of Hugo Chavez surfaces.

Morning update

A reader kindly sends this link, which points out some 'facts' about Carson's site: 400.000 visits/day... $4.000 monthly/cost... Definitely these armchair revolutionaries live in a surreal world; cost efficiency is, most definitely, not their forte, the running costs of Vcrisis do not exceed 30 pounds a month. Nonetheless, Jutta Schmidt [] sent words of consolation to Carson:


attached you find the fax we just sent to Andres Izarra, handsigned by myself and Franz. Also, there may be a possibility to speak to someone directly in Miraflores; IŽll let you know about that as soon as possible.

Keep your fighting spirits up.

Un abrazo,


Also quite comical the subject of the fax sent to Minister Izarra "Perdiendo la Batalla Comunicacional, Caso de" "Loosing the media battle, Case". The fellow travellers and armchair revolutionaries have not lost the battle, all blame is to be attributed to Hugo Chavez himself from the moment he decided to get in bed with terrorists. No amount of spin will ever mend that fact.

The whole email exchange, recipients and fax sent can be read here.

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