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Venezuela: Two thoughts hanging in there

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

23.03.05 | For the last two weeks, I have been wondering about two statements made by Venezuelan Government officials:

- Attorney General Rodriguez on the amount of C4 found at the beach apartment of Antonio Lopez' parents, three months after his death: There was enough C4 to blow up all of Venezuela.

Interesting. Who has enough C4 to blow up all of Venezuela? The Military? Has it been investigated? Isn't C4 made in such a way that there are different traces of elements to allow the identification of its origin? Where did it come from? Which military fort? Which lot? Who was in charge of it? Hello Isaias! Are you looking into this?

- Miranda Governor Diosdado Cabello on the cost of an alternate transporation system that would help the half a million people that commute daily from the Altos Mirandinos: "It's too expensive, it would cost US$ 500 million"

Too expensive? Isn't that the same amount that will be invested in Argentina's bonds? But of course, if the Venezuelan Government buys US$ 500 million in Argentina's bonds, the Argentinians will never see the money, it will go to the seller, most likely a US or European fund. These are not NEW bonds, this is secondary market of existing bonds. Thus, the Chavez administration is helping the speculators, while US$ 500 million is too much money to solve an important problem of 2% of the Venezuelan population. Go figure!

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