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Chavez' US apologists keep lying

By Aleksander Boyd

London 23.03.05 | Whilst Hugo Chavez' chief apologist is praised by the highest officials of the 15th province of Cuba, other less entertaining events unfold in the US of A. For instance the New York State Attorney Directory has included a record of Eva Golinger; year admitted 2005 [1]. Please bear in mind that Golinger accepted payments for legal services rendered to the Venezuela Information Office in 2003. Her not-for-profit NGO (Venezuela Solidarity Committee) is yet to appear in the registry of charitable organizations, under status 501(c)(3), of the Inland Revenue Service [2], even though Golinger publicly claims to have such status since at least February 10 2004 [3].

Another paid apologist of Hugo Chavez, Dawn Gable, runs a website called The following claim can be read in the said website [4]:

The Cyber Circle is financed entirely by contributions.  General Funds contributions go to maintaining this website, public outreach and education, and fund raising. Cybercircle also maintains an online store.

The Cyber Circle is a California Non-Profit Organization under the name Bolivarian Fund. In keeping with IRS guidlines, any funds raised as General Funds that exceed 25% of total funds raised will be passed on to organizations which offer solidarity with the democracy movement in Venezuela. These organizations include solidarity websites and online news organizations which offer balanced news reporting of events in Venezuela.

California law requires charities and commercial fundraisers to register with the Attorney General's Office before soliciting donations and to file financial disclosure reports [5]. As is the case with Golinger's misrepresentation of the tax status of the Venezuela Solidarity Committee [6], Dawn Gable's 'organization' does not appear in the registry of California's Attorney General's Office, as can be checked in its search page [7]. Furthermore an email sent to the registration office to query about the existence of said organization returned this message:

Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:57:15 -0800
From: Registration Registration <>
Subject: Re: Bolivarian Fund

This office could not find a record of an entity named Bolivarian Fund or Cyber Circle. 

Graver still Dawn Gable, taking advantage of her alleged position of director of the Bolivarian Fund, wrote a letter to presidential candidate John Kerry [8] with shocking remarks "Our members will be voting for John Kerry" (sic) considering the non political nature that the IRS imposes on charitable organizations [page 8]:

A section 501(c)(3) organization must be "organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary or education purposes ."

The which connects directly to has the following statement at the bottom of the page: "Cyber Circle is the host and developer of the official Bolivarian Circles Website" [9]

Interesting to see how the operators of the propaganda machine of Hugo Chavez in the USA keep lying and misrepresenting themselves. Only yesterday Venezuela's Information Minister Andres Izarra had the nerve to deny publicly that the regime he represents had anything to do with paid advocates responsible to bombard US media outlets whenever unfavourable views of his boss emerge. One has to guess the mental sanity and the moral fibber of callous Izarra, taking into account how easy it would be to prove him wrong with the VIO files [10]. Hugo Chavez, through his agents in America, has been maintaining a double discourse all along as evidenced by the millions of dollars spent in lobbying activities and the hired pens have had no qualms in hiding the source of their income. VIO's new recruit Andres Mateo wrote not long ago to a US newspaper criticizing its editorial line without having the presence of mind or integrity to disclaim that he works for the Venezuelan government. Same applies to Justin Delacour, who was invited to 'observe' the recall referendum of last August by the VIO. The recurring theme is the pretense to cloak propagandizing activities in US soil as legitimate concerns vis-a-vis USA's foreign policy with respect to Venezuela but time and again one can unearth conflicting relationships between the Chavez regime and those self appointed independent observers.

Be it book releases; free airfare and accomodation; special police protection; handsome salaries; oil deals; stadium signs; diplomatic appointments; media advertisement; or simply to rob shoulders with the dog's bollocks every known advocate of Chavez has profited in some form from their 'independent' political opinions. If in doubt check out the sudden career move of one Eva Golinger...

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