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Cheap Terrorism in Venezuela

By Tomas Sancio | Venezuelan Politics

18.07.05 | Quite lame you might call the recent "terrorist" action that was "taken" against the offices of the National Elections Council (CNE) in Valencia, Carabobo state. It seems like the grenade had two safety mechanisms and the person that threw it "forgot" to remove one of them. In other words, the headlines were flush this morning with news with the damage equivalent of a rock thrown against a building (i.e. no damages whatsoever).

As expected, the CNE President, Jorge Rodríguez went into lengths attacking "terrorist groups" whose objective would be to "stop the advances of the democracy but their efforts will not bear fruit". Considering that hardly anything is investigated seriously in Venezuela anymore (witness the mess and contradictions in the Danilo Anderson case), we may not hear anything else about the famous "grenade that (fortunately) did not blow up" or "glorified metal object that fell on the sidewalk".

Unfortunately, one cannot laugh at the incredibly serious face of the man sitting next to Jorge Rodríguez (see above) holding the picture of the grenade in his hand. That Exhibit A "proves" that the "terrorists" are against the CNE. The National Elections Council, independently of if a real (and clueless) terrorist threw the grenade or not, wants to draw attention towards itself and its "efforts" to organize some elections that a minority will participate in. The President of the National Assembly, Nicolás Maduro, also had his opportunity to accuse the USA of the "attacks". This stunt reminds one of the explosions in Globovision, that did not produce any newsworthy outcome in the end.

This time, the people from the CNE recovered the grenade. You know, these things are not free.

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