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A football match between Colombia and Venezuela...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 19.07.05 | Late last night BBC2 broadcast a documentary of a series called "Frontline Football" in which presenter Ben Anderson showcased the rivalry on and off the pitch between Colombia and Venezuela. Anderson tackled the many issues right from the start, the initial scenes are of an amateur match in some dirty grassless field whereby two teams of right wing paramilitaries from the AUC played. The questions posed by Anderson did not pertain to football only, as these were intertwined with highly political queries. There's no lost love between the AUC and the FARC or ELN; to the AUC Hugo Chavez is but the enemy's benefactor. I could not believe my eyes, mind you the BBC airing a programme where people spoke freely about the bedding of Chavez and the narcoterrorists?

It got better for Anderson then interviewed soldiers of the Colombian army signposted to the river which divides the two countries, one of whom said "sometimes the FARC attacks us from the other side [referring to Venezuela] and the Venezuelan army does not seem to be doing much..." But it got even better, Anderson went as far as stating that satellite pictures and precise geographical coordinates of FARC camps, that are allegedly shared with the Venezuelan army, located in Venezuelan territory have been published!! Oh my oh my, the bliss!! A truly memorable moment and certainly much more comforting than the previous idiotarian anti-Blair anti-US bullshit uttered by Eddie Mair and Claire Short.

Anderson's documentary finished in Venezuela were the token remarks about "Chavez is using the oil to help the people" and other such nonsense was commented upon. Still, a very good programme. Oh I almost forgot to mention that close ups of the destruction left in a Barranquillan bridge were shown, where the FARC tried, unsuccessfully, to kill President Uribe. Hey Chavez how about showing some evidence of those 15.452 attempts on your life that you claim you have escaped?

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