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So why would the FARC host its site in Europe?

By Aleksander Boyd

14.11.05 | Isn't it obvious? For, in what other 'civilised territory' does appeasement towards terrorism constitute general praxis? The website of Colombia's narcoterrorist group FARC was registered, according to WHOIS, by one Orlando Higuita of Netzwerk Resistencia. Server services are provided by a Swiss outfit by the name of SWIX.CH, which provides free hosting services. The IP address related to the domain points to RIPE Network Coordination Centre, a company in Amsterdam. The registrant's email address is and there is even a telephone number (+41.14562315) of Orlando Higuita.

On December 15 2004 a website of Netherlands' ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations published a series of questions concerning the FARC website. Question number 4 is particularly interesting for it raises the issue of the legality of promoting terrorism through websites hosted in Europe and the possible actions that European governments could take in that respect. But lo and behold the reply is so typical European, for it is no offence to be associated to a terrorist group responsible for thousands of deaths and between 2 and 3 million displaced!!

Nearly a year has come to pass and yet FARC narcoterrorists and their EU Bolivarian mouths -Netzwerk Resistencia- keep publishing communiqués that continue finding an easy way out of the Mountains of Colombia -or the Swiss Cantons- to reach the public domain. No wonder why Hugo Chavez is held in the highest of esteems in these lands...

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