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On Chavez's conspiracy theories: the truth of Plan Balboa

By Aleksander Boyd

17.11.05 | What sort of reaction do clowns expect when they perform? Is it laughter? Do they do what they do just to entertain audiences or do they have an ulterior motive? Recently a Venezuelan clown took the pain to send some 'damning evidence' about the existence of a carefully orchestrated US' plan to invade Venezuela. As is often the case with the clueless yesmen working for Chavez, Yuri Pimentel -otherwise known as Venezuela's (dis)Information Minister- failed to notice that the documents he furnished ABC news people with, as evidence of a plot to kill his boss, contain a fake resolution of the UN Security Council -one must suspect signed by Kofi Annan- in which one can read a series of measures to be applied to the "BROWN COUNTRY" (Orwell couldn't have chosen a more appropriate colour BTW...), read Chavez's 'Bolivarian' Venezuela.

Back to serious matters, I am of the opinion that some underlings of Chavez are seeking to ridicule the master. For I fail to comprehend how come not one person in the information ministry took issue with the RESOLUTION 1580 of March 21 2001. Pimentel's message to Koppel is readable, moreover it contains the propagandistic prose, hallmark of some of Chavez's paid advocates, whose 'balanced opinions' keep pestering the inboxes of journalists, congressmen and policy makers up in the Hill. However it is surprising that such a detail would have passed the scrutiny of the new recruits, highly regarded among the K Street crowd, of Hogan & Hartson. Mind you it is understandable that the adolescents manning the VIO would incur in such puerile mistakes, but 'professionals'?

Hugo Chavez needs desperately of scapegoats; foreign threats; conspiracy theories and assassination plots. Otherwise how can he explain the immensity of his failure? The humble inhabitants of the "country free of illiteracy" are but victims of the galloping paranoia of Castro's rich toyboy. The military exercise known as Plan Balboa does just fine with the utterly poor and uneducated folks in Venezuela. One has to hope that Koppel, or anyone with an iota of brain, can see reality beyond Nintendo military simulators.

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