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Venezuela to undertake revolutionary construction method

By Aleksander Boyd

London 12.01.06 | As some readers of this site may know, I have a background in Geology. Even though I am no pundit and did not continue into post graduate studies, my knowledge allows me to understand a few things about the forces that shape this planet. For instance this site will never entertain the groundless allegation of global warming; Greenpeace and other such scam organizations are there to convince ignorant people of the imminent destruction of the planet while ripping them off. It is for that reason that when I hear comments, such as the one made yesterday by one the luminaries of chavismo, I laughed my lungs out due to the sheer ignorance of the stupid little soldiers that happen to misgovern Venezuela. Case in point, Jessy Chacon, Venezuela's Minister of Interior, stating:

"Este viaducto de 900 metros, a diferencia del actual, vendrá por el cauce de la quebrada de Tacagua y será construido con una especie de pilones que van enterrados en el fondo del sistema, lo cual lo independiza totalmente del desplazamiento que se pueda producir"

For the language impaired:

"this 900 meter viaduct, differing from the present one, will follow the Tacagua creek channel and will be built upon a sort of pylons that shall be buried at the bottom of the system (?), which makes it totally independent from the displacement that may occur."

So there you have you have it folks. In spite of the fact that the country rides atop the Caribbean Plate, which is surrounded by converging type of boundaries, Chacon, in need for the superlative of ignoramus here, states calmly that the new mechanism to be applied to the construction of the viaduct, albeit built upon a creek -in itself susceptible to much erosion- will be totally independent from displacements. Japan move over: the empirical foot soldiers from Cubazuela have arrived!! There's something to be gained though; the Chavez regime should patent the revolutionary system that isolates itself from geological phenomena and make a killing out of it.

No wonder why Hugo Chavez figures so prominently in the search for estupido.

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