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The Kirchners are some of Fidel Castro's best students

By Tony Pagliaro

03.02.06 | The ongoing confrontation between Argentina and Uruguay shows that the populist Kirchners are clearly among Fidel Castro’s best students in the region.

First, at their suggestion, the Governor of Entre Ríos (a close political associate) has started criminal actions in the Federal Court of Concepción del Uruguay (notwithstanding this name, it is a small city located in the west bank of the Uruguay river, i.e. in Argentina) against all members of the Board of Directors of the Uruguayan subsidiaries of the Finish and Spanish companies that are building the two pulp and paper mills in Uruguay.

The criminal charge is “attempt to pollute the river”. This “preventive” action reminds us of a well known horrendous euphemism: “peligrosidad predelictiva” which has been used by Fidel Castro to prosecute and jail dissenters. It describes “a future conduct dangerously likely to lead to criminal behavior”, a completely “gray” and indefinite concept which allows prosecuting anybody before any event or crime whatsoever has, in fact, taken place.

Second, also like Fidel Castro, the Kirchners have organized “quick response brigades”, i.e. government financed and supported mobs that harass anyone who dares to contradict them in any way or fashion whatsoever.

Said mobs are the ones that now are camping in various highways stopping (“manu popularis”) all Chilean trucks on their way to supply the Uruguayan projects with Chilean goods.

Good old man Castro has a strong operational influence. He certainly has the hyperactive Hugo Chávez to endorse, protect and help him. But the Kirchners are, obviously, learning rapidly. They are Castro’s more advanced students in the region.

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