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Hugo Chavez's pal Ken Livingstone guilty of antisemitism

By Aleksander Boyd

London 24.02.06 | Well folks, it apears that I have been proved right, yet again. The first-worldly Marxist idiots that support Hugo Chavez from afar, those who sign Early Day Motions and write disgustingly fawning pieces to advance a comrade's agenda have been dealt another blow today, by none other than England's Adjudication Panel, which ruled, unanimously, that Red Ken, that big pal of Hugo Chavez, is guilty of antisemitic remarks made against a journalist. WTF?? Will the barking moonbats yell? Never more appropriate to cite the good old saying "los burros se juntan para rascarse," meaning that antisemitic and deranged people, whether governing London, Venezuela or Iran, are all one big happy family.

There's plenty of reporting about the case. I shall cite some remarks made by now unanimously-ruled (oh I love that bit!!), antisemitic Ken Livingstone.

"Elected politicians should only be able to be removed by the voters or for breaking the law" said Livingstone. Of course he's not concerned in the slightest about his Venezuelan mate Hugo Chavez breaking the law and pissing on the constitution on a chronic basis, for, at the end of the day, if he lacks a modicum of respect for London's Jewish Community and journalists, why would he care about citizens of a banana republic, ruled by a fellow antisemite?

Livingstone has been found to be in breach of the Greater London Authority (GLA) Code of Conduct. But this isn't the first instance either, for Alan Freeman, employee of the GLA, has equally disregarded the Code by using public resources to peddle propaganda in favour of Hugo Chavez, via his outfit Venezuelan Information Centre. Furthermore his activities were duly reported and Janet Worth, Executive Director of GLA's Corporate Services, sent the most daft and ludicrous response imaginable.

But it gets better, check out this pearl written by Guy Adams for The Independent "Ken forced to eat humble pie after straying abroad"

Like the hero of a Shakespearean tragedy, Ken Livingstone's sorrows come not single spies, but in battalions.
Yesterday, as he faced the Standards Board for England over his so-called " Nazi jibe", the Mayor of London owned up to another serious professional misdemeanour.
On Monday, Red Ken used his taxpayer-funded internet site to carry a lengthy article criticising the US government's efforts to oust Hugo Chavez as the president of Venezuela.
The Mayor's reflection on this global left-wing cause célèbre was proudly trumpeted on the front page of the Greater London Authority's website.
Unfortunately, this is a breach of local government guidelines, which forbid Livingstone from using a publicly-funded forum for political ends, or to comment on issues that don't directly affect Londoners.
As a result, the Tories reported Ken to the GLA's chief executive, Anthony Meyer, who is now carrying out an inquiry into the affair.
Sources in Meyer's office say Livingstone will be forced to issue a formal apology, and refund any cost to the taxpayers of posting the article.
Last night, the Mayor's office was unusually contrite.
"It was perfectly appropriate for the Mayor to write about the issue, but it shouldn't have gone up on the GLA website," said a spokesman. " As soon as this was pointed out, it was removed. There was no financial cost to the GLA."

Ergo Red Ken feels right at home at the GLA, surrounded by fellow leftist suckers, who have but words of praise for thugs such as Chavez and antisemitic and abusive remarks against Jews and journalists. Where have I seen that before?

The terrible thing is that Livingstone has only been suspended for four weeks. Shame that he wasn't sacked, sued, etc.

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