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Venezuela Today goes offline

By Aleksander Boyd

London 13.03.06 | One of the most common arguments that apologists of Hugo Chavez brand against those of us who oppose him, is that we are but a bunch of neocons at the service of the evil US government. In their view no sane person could despise Chavez, unless one is product of intelligence counter terrorism laboratories. In the same light, abundant funds are meant to be generously disboursed to us from various sources, according to barking moonbats' manual "Shooting the messenger: the infallible strategy to dodge reality." Should that line of reasoning had any true to it, I would be a rich man, and so would fellow Venezuelan bloggers and webmasters. Reality, when not seen through the lefty glass however, is a tad bit more stark than that. Example of our situation is Venezuela Today, a great site that has had to close operations due to lack of funds.

I have personally considered to abandon this futile fight many times, but I guess my stubbornness, commitmment and love towards my country are above average. Nonetheless, let me assure you that none of us receive any funding. In fact, we can't even claim to have a network of international pars sympathising with our cause. This is an extremely uneven, unfair and solitary fight. My fellow bloggers can attest to that.

I hate to see Venezuela Today go, for there aren't many willing to rise up to the challenge of countering the multi million dollar propaganda campaign rolled out by Hugo Chavez.

Sometimes I wonder whether Chavez would be in power had any of us command the obscene amount of money he's got and spends unrestrained and unaccountably. Equally, I very much doubt that his international image would have risen as fast and wide as it has, had we a similar pool of media resources at our disposal.

In sum, this note goes out to Ed, Venezuela Today's webmaster, just to reaffirm my sincerest gratitude, as a Venezuelan, for having helped us out in times when no one seems to be willing to do so. We've got few friends, Ed is one of them. We owe you mate, one day we shall retribute in kind.

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