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Venezuela: police could have tampered with evidence in the Faddoul Brothers' assassination case

By Aleksander Boyd

London 07.04.06 | For some reason, that I fail to comprehend, Venezuelans, for the most part, seem to be in state of denial when it comes to realising the sort of environment they live in. The cold-blooded, terrible assassination of the Faddoul brothers has left the country in awe and, understandably, disgusted by the modus operandi of the perpetrators. Officials from the Chavez administration allegedly hope that this tragedy won't be politicised.

These times are as good as any to remind folks back home that choosing to turn a blind eye on the dramatic situation does not, in any manner, change reality. A country led by a failed coupster that has no qualms in supporting terrorism can hardly qualify as a place where human life is enshrined. Time and again Venezuelans are keen to forget, or worse disregard, the sort of company Hugo Chavez keeps. Have they forgotten the many thousands countrymen that have died at the hands of rampant criminality in the last 7 years? Has someone reminded them that more people have died in Venezuela, according to chavismo and its international claque "a full fledged democracy," than in Iraq? It is for these reasons that I don't quite get the outrage, the sudden outcry, for such horrendous crimes are not an exception but rather the rule.

In any case, Canadian broadcaster CBC has released a news clip that contains a video footage of the corpses of the Faddoul brothers, recorded with a mobile phone, that shows them naked. According to the report they were found thusly, which suggests that police forces could have ruined the crime scene by tampering with evidence. Does any right-thinking person believe that official investigations will lead to the capture and imprisonment of those responsible?

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