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Colón's merchants re-open bridge between Argentina and Uruguay

By Tony Pagliaro

18.04.06 | Mobs of pseudo-environmentalists -loyal to the Governor of Entre Ríos, a close leftist political ally of President Néstor Kirchner- have for several months completely cut all land communication between Argentina and Uruguay. The two international bridges, in front of Gualeguaychú and Colón, have thus been closed by said mobs, de facto.

Nobody, however, has gone to Court to allow the free flow of trade and people between the two countries. It sounds like a joke, but it is not. No governmental or police officer has ever told those cutting the international roads and bridges that they were involved in an illegal and, in addition, criminal action.

No surprise, Kirchner “dominates” the Argentine Judiciary and, in addition, seems to have instructed the State Prosecutors not to move a finger, hoping that “people’s” pressure will force “little” Uruguay to unwillingly end up accepting Argentina´s point of view, which is totally against the ongoing construction of two gigantic pulp and paper mills on the Uruguayan side of the Uruguay river. Uruguay, nevertheless, is still moving forward, full steam, as it should, damages caused by the “piqueteros” notwithstanding.

As we have said, again and again, Argentina is a country out of control. And it certainly is.

A remarkable event has occurred a few hours ago along one of the international bridges, in Colón. The Colón city merchants went to the bridge and did what the police has not done: opened the international bridge, forcing by physical threats, all pseudo-environmentalists to run for their own sake. They also burnt all barriers that were on the road cutting traffic. Again, no police, at all, in the surroundings. But the international traffic has resumed, amazingly.

Merchants were tired of loosing business and did for themselves what the Kirchner’s government has not done: put their house -and neighborhood- in order. Having the Government defaulted in fulfilling its duties, people replaced it by force, which is always dangerous. A remarkable story.

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