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Venezuela's Chavez announces Assassination plot no. 14.098

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 02.10.06 | Hugo Chavez announced yesterday from Santa InÚs de Barinas that Mister Danger -a.k.a. the President of the United States George W. Bush- had given orders to have him killed before he leaves office in 2008. Chavez was tipped about the plot by an informant he's got inside The White House. This is a bit odd for as far as I know, and I do know a thing or two about the brigade of international apologists of Hugo, Delahunt, Rangel and the rest were very upset with Chavez recently and their work is confined to Congress. So who is this new informant that's leaking confidential information about assassination plans? Could it be that Eva Golinger has got a mole inside The White House?

In any case this is grave enough, I mean we have the President of Venezuela accusing the President of the USA that he gave orders to kill him. Someone somewhere ought to ask for evidence of these accusations, or are we to believe that is just more bullshit coming from the deranged caudillo's mouth? How many times has he said in the last few years that he uncovered assassination attempts? I remember that upon arrival from Europe in the fall of 2002 he said that they had captured someone that wanted to blow his plane with a rocket launcher in Catia La Mar. Alas we never saw the man, or the weapon. Neither did we see evidence, apart from a couple of dozens of cachitos de queso (cheese rolls) with which a bunch of Colombian teenagers were meant to assassinate the great leader.

And what about Plan Balboa? Do readers remember that one? Is the Bush administration not worried about having someone sending information to a terrorist supporter and sworn enemy of the USA?

Lies, lies and more lies that are fooling no one.

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