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The Systematic Annihilation of the Right to Vote in Venezuela


14.11.2007 | Editor's note: fellow bloggers are reporting the launching of a website that deals with the many issues that Venezuela's electoral system has. With the aid of presentations, research, peer-reviewed internationally published papers and mathematic models the site provides solid proof of the utter unreliability of Venezuela's electoral system. Please visit


Millions of Venezuelans are convinced that their votes are being manipulated, that the official results of their elections do not reflect the will of the electorate and that they have voted but not elected. Ever since the Recall Referendum on August 15th 2004 (RR 04), an unceasing debate began, continuing with the presidential election of December 3rd 2006 (3D 06).

The National Electoral Councilís (CNE) bias, the incorporation of challenged voting and identification technologies, the bloating of the electoral registry (REP), the millions of unrequested voter migrations, the announcement of incomplete and uncertified results and the refusal to give the opposition essential information about the electoral process are part of the evidence accumulated that questions the behavior of this electoral institution.

This document chronicles how the CNEís bias came about and the violation of the fundamental principles that define the right to vote (impartiality, transparency and confidence in the secrecy of the ballot), along with summaries of papers presented by distinguished professionals and scientists regarding the official electoral results and the REP since RR 04.

Finally we conclude that the official electoral results display critical irregularities and do not reflect the will of the people. If the total balance within the CNE is not restored to guarantee the right to integral supervision of elections, a new REP is not created and the essential information made available to all parties, the government will have closed off elections as the ideal medium through which to alternate our representatives and resolve our political conflicts.

Preliminary note

All analyses and conclusions presented here are based upon official data from the CNE and other government institutions, published in written reports or available on their websites. We must emphasize, however, that it has not been possible to gain access to essential official documents [1] despite them being public and are or should be available through the CNE.

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